Takamura Store in association with the Japanese studio Yapiko Animation is offering a drawing restoration service. When you are collecting anime cels, the drawings coming with have oftenly tears and damages on it.
We guaranty a restoration of high quality thanks to the animators of the studio Yapiko Animation.

Please have a look at the 3 following examples:

-1st example: Cat’s Eye
Before restoration:  The sketch has some small tears; the thumb on the left is missing. The sketch has also been slightly painted on.

After restoration: All the lines have been corrected including those of the shadow in green and the frame in red.
Thanks to the picture of the anime cel provided by the customer, the thumb has been drawn again.

-2nd example: Treasure Island
Before restoration:  This oversized sketch is a douga drawn by Akio Sugino used to make a harmony cel.

After restoration: All the tears have been restored including the missing ear of the small tiger.

-3rd example: Nadia the secret of the blue water
Before restoration: This sketch has a part of the left eye missing and also the mouth has not been drawn. The reason is that it was on another sketch not included.

The customer wanted the sketch restored with the mouth also added. As the customer didn’t have the anime cel, we had to look for the sequence in the dvd in order to find our template.
Here is the screenshot :

After restoration :
The eye is almost identical to the screenshot and the mouth has been added.

You have Japanese animation drawings with damages and you would like to have them restored.
Here is how it works:

-Scan or take a picture for each drawings and send them to us by email.
-We will send you a quotation.
-If you agree you will make the payment then you will send us your drawings.
-Depending on the availability of the animators, it will take from 1 week to 3 for te restoration.
-Once the restoration is made, we will send you pictures of your sketches restored.
If you like it, we will send you back your drawings.
Shipping fee will be at your charge (around 1500yen with ems).


It is based on the time necessary for the restoration.
The price is not impacted if there are many drawings.
So for example 5 sketches with small damages will cost less to restore than only one with heavy damages.
The restoration fee starts from 6000JPY (around 55USD/45EUR) for one or mutiple drawings.

We do not provide restoration for anime cel.

For a quotation please contact us here

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